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Can I raise money for anything?
Almost. As always, common sense goes a long way here. DO raise money for personal causes that are purposeful, exciting and inspiring to others. DON’T break any local laws, expect strangers to buy you stuff or promote inappropriate content. When in doubt, browse our categories of challenges to see how others use Monkey Challenges.
What is considered a “bad” challenge or something worth reporting?
If you are at all offended by content created by other users on Monkey Challenges, then please do your part to keep the community safe and report it.
How can I report a Challenge?
All challenges have a “Report” feature  in the right hand corner. If you feel at all offended by a challenge please click this link and follow the prompts to submit the form. Please note that Monkey Challenges does note get involved in any personal disputes between users. Monkey Challenges is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for personal and charity challenges and will remove anything we deem inappropriate.
My challenge is “under review” what does that mean?
Your challenge has been flagged by Monkey Challenges our other users because we found the content offensive or disruptive. Pending review Monkey Challenges will release your challenge once everything checks out.




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