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As an individual how do I pay or collect my funds?
Monkey Challenges has partnered with a trusted third party called Stripe. Stripe if the payment gateway we use to pay out our contestants while users can use a credit card to fund a challenge. If you are a contestant you’ll definitely want to sign up with Stripe so you can collect your winnings!

How do I set up Stripe?
Inside your account on navigate to the My Funds tab and click the button labeled, Connect with Stripe. You will then be redirected to our merchant partner Stripe’s website. (Don’t worry, once you are all done, we’ll bring you back to your starting spot o you don’t loose your place.) You will be redirected to a form, fill it our to the best of your abilities. This is the form that all Monkey Challenges accounts use, including charities and businesses so several of these questions are geared towards them.

The form may seem lengthy but these questions are all meant so that your winnings don’t end up in the wrong account! Click here to review the instructions! 

What is Stripe?
Stripe powers 100,000+ businesses in 100+ countries and across nearly every industry. Headquartered in San Francisco, Stripe has 9 global offices and hundreds of people working to help transform how modern businesses are built and run. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner for Monkey Challenges! Read more about Stripe, Click Here.
Does it cost anything?
While it’s free to create and share your online fundraising campaign, Monkey Challenges will deduct a 20% fee from each funding that you receive. Since our fee is deducted automatically, you’ll never need to worry about being billed or owing us any money. Monkey Challenges collects this fee to then pay our third party merchant, Stripe. We take care of the rest!



How do I know it's safe to donate to someone?
With hundreds of thousands of challenges, it’s not feasible for Monkey Challenges to investigate the claims stated by each challenge. Rather, we provide visitors with the tools to make an informed decision as to who they choose to support. Monkey Challenges and its payment partners also provide a number of safeguards to deter fraud.
Can funders give privately?
Yes! When funding a challenge you have the option to do this as a logged in user, or a visitor. As a visitor on the site you can fund with your first and last name or anonymously. Here you would select the challenge anonymously to keep your name private.
Do I need to set up an account with Monkey Challenges in order to fund a challenge?
No, to fund a challenge you can sign up with Monkey Challenges as a use or you have the option to do this as a visitor.



I am ready to start my challenge but the funding amount has decreased then what was originally shown. What happened here?
This sometimes happens. In the course of funding sometimes credit cards expire, users delete their accounts, etc. Because of these unknowns sometimes the final funding amount varies.
Is there a minimum donation amount?
Yes, donation quantities begin in the amount of $5. This is only a starting point, funders are obviously allowed to donate more based on the size of the cause!
I funded a challenge and changed my mind. Can Monkey Challenges refund me?

No, refunds are available. If you feel strongly regarding your case, please email us and we will review.



What happens if I canceled the credit card I used?

The card is swiped at the time of funding, so this will not effect your funding amount.

If I am the creator of the challenge am I able to refund the funders?

Only if the challenge fails, then refunds will be issued.



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