Monkey Challenges

For Business

Companies can now join other businesses to spread new marketing ideas or promote their brand together. “2 heads are better than one” ~ they say. SO why not use 100 of them at once!

Monkey Challenges can connect business with charities, individuals, or other complimentary businesses to promote the same cause. Or use Monkey Challenges for increasing company moral and involvement at your next event.

Examples for Marketing, Internal Company Moral, and for B2B 


Too many businesses are looking for another output for Online Marketing and SEO. The social posting can only go so far and the constant push could sometimes be stale. Several businesses approached Monkey Challenges and asked us to help find another avenue to take.

We have the best solution for you!

We want to connect your business with other complimentary companies and together support a cause. This cause can be charitable, personal product promotion among the partnership or any other outlet. We will let you decide what that goal is. Then through group, cross-marketing, all parties will benefit through these clicks and awareness. Companies are always looking for partnerships, now this is a platform that you can take and run with it through a Challenge Type event!


To boost up company events, moral, or any type of team work activity, Monkey Challenges can be your platform to take it company wide to promote such event. Does your company have multiple satellite offices? Or have a large employee staff? Does your team need to learn a new program to better the company performance? With Monkey Challenges, these companies can use this platform to start challenges like Weight Loss, Passing Exams, Get Deal, etc.


The most fun and interesting way to take Monkey Challenges to the next level is the B2B aspect. We can now allow other advertising agencies, PR firms, or other marketing businesses to use our platform for their customers. We are working on a white-labeling and commission base platform end of year, but if you feel this is something that could interest you, please contact us immediately so we can start working on this development to fit your company needs.


There are so much more in the pipeline that we would rather take off-line! Please contact us and would be more than happy to share with your our goals and insights.

Contact us if you have an idea or want us to help put together something. 

Also check out our CASE STUDY approach that we’re currently working on. 

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