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Something we’re currently working on is worth talking about.

  1. Imagine Hair Stylist, Hair Salons and/or Individualist want to cut or shave their hair for a charity that accepts hair donation.
  2. Charities (for example Locks of Love) that accepts hair would be contacted.
  3. Then a Hair Extension or Wig companies get notified and also wants to contribute to this cause.

Now we have the perfect trifecta. Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which was a huge success,  an individual can donate hair or donate to the cause.

Then the challenge is performed and documented through video. Monkey Challenges will give these users a way to distribute this video virally through all social outlets. This video will be housed under Monkey Challenges and with all the members that contributed to this cause.

What this means is that all 3+ parties are now being seen through this promotion effort. The Hair Stylist/Hair Salon, Wig Company, and the individualist will all promote this to their friends and the reach is endless.

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