Monkey Challenges


Monkey Challenges is a new arena for Crowd Funding and Public Judging challenges created by individuals, groups, charities & organizations to support their cause.

Various users can participate in these challenges.


  • Individualist that are looking to accomplish personal challenges that can be short or long term goals.
  • Individuals that would like to do challenges for a charity they would like to support


  • Charities that wants to promote their cause virally.
  • Wishes to involve users in a challenge type event to promote their cause.
  • Long or Short term available.


  • Businesses that would like to create challenges for a good cause publicly for all users to participate or privately with qualified entries.
  • Businesses that would like to create challenges for other businesses publicly for all users to participate or privately with qualified entries.
  • Custom challenges made for a specific audience.

COMBINED EFFORT Talk to Monkey Challenges staff to help combine various challenge roles. It could be a Hair Salon / Stylist cutting hair for Charity/Donations (example, Locks of Love), then a Hair extension or Wig business can also help contribute to this cause. This joint effort will be widely accepted and immediately public promote!

The Main attraction to Monkey Challenges is the Crowd Funding with the automated Judging. (patent pending)


There are 4 stages in Monkey Challenges:

01_postchallenge1) POST A CHALLENGE

Members can create and post a new challenge for themselves or for charities or foundations of their choice. Members would describe what the challenge will be and explain with images, videos and other content write-ups so the public would know what to expect. The member will also explain what they will be judged on when they finally do the challenge.


02_fundchallenge2) FUND A CHALLENGE

Monkey challenges will allow the members to select how long the open funding is for and when they would like to conduct the challenge. Members will set a desired amount and hope that the amount is met by the public crowd funding before the deadline approaches. When the Funding deadline has come up, the member will decide to either add an extension or start the challenge.




Members will have up to 10 days to conduct the challenge. Monkey Challenges will email reminders to the members and those that wish to follow the member.The member would do the challenge and video record this action. After the challenge has been completed, the member would upload the video onto Monkey Challenges and now the challenge is ready to be judged.




During this time, the members of Monkey Challenges are allowed to judge WIN or FAIL on the challenges. These judges must read the challenge description and understand what they are judging and watch the complete video before they can vote. They either vote YES – WIN. This member did exactly what was expected of this challenge, or NO – FAIL this challenge wasn’t completed.



Majority judging votes will conclude the outcome of the challenge.  If there are more YES-WINS  than NO-FAIL, the member, or charity, automatically wins the money.  If there are more NO-FAIL, the money would be returned to the Funder.

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