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Chari-DAY: Clean Beach Week

Monkey Challenges had an amazing Fourth of July watching fireworks and spending time at the beach! As UV protection month continues and Clean Beach Week is coming to an end, Monkey Challenges wants to share important information on how to keep the beaches clean, safe, and enjoyable!

1. Avoid bringing plastic bags to the beach and switch to reusable bags to cut down on trash.
2. Of course throw away any and all trash, and if you see any laying around on the sand, it is easy to pick up and throw away.
3. Reusable water bottles to eliminate waste
4. Bonfires are always a good time! However, try and stay away from burning debris because these particles will blow away and mix within the sand and ocean. Also, do not forget to put out the fire is a must!
5. Bringing pets is great too, just don’t forget to pick up their “little treats”.
6. And the biggest leading pollution is cigarette butts! Throw away cigarette butts to avoid harmful effects on the sand and water.

You can find more information about keeping beaches clean at

Another great organization that wants to keep Southern California beaches clean is the SurfRider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundationdedicated to protecting and enjoying the beach through donations and fundraising. The foundation has many programs such as, beach cleanups, awareness on pollution and plastics, and much more around Seal and Huntington Beach! The Surfrider Foundation programs want to notify and raise awareness in the public of environmental issues that harm the beaches and ways to keep active and at the same time keep our beaches clean.

Get involved and find out more information about The Surfrider Foundation!

The beach is always a fun time, but we need to remember to protect our skin and the beach itself! Wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats will help protect ourselves from the ultraviolet rays. Although looking tan is nice, it is very important to protect the skin as much as possible. A tan is caused by skin cells reaction to UV-induced damage.  Overall, there is no such thing as a “safe tan”, because tanning increases the risk of skin cancer.

cleaning the beach

Lastly, cleaning the beaches can avoid negative consequences that may occur from trash and pollutions. Although beach week is only a week, we should constantly clean and protect our beaches to make it an enjoyable place!


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