Monkey Challenges

17-Second Challenges. Because SXSW2017, thats why.

Our favorite 17 second challenges! Gearing up or SWSW means new challenges. Below is a list of just a few of our faves. Can’t wait to see you there!

  1. Counting 1-10 in another language.
  2. Sing the Alphabets Backward.
  3. Name 5 breeds of dogs.
  4. Lick the tip of your elbow.
  5. Place your foot over your head.
  6. Draw the picture of your pet dog
  7. Touch your feet with your elbows.
  8. Recite a poem about a disappointing ice cream.
  9. Take off one sock.
  10. Kiss every finger separately.
  11. Come up with a website name for an oyster breeding company not using “oyster” or “breeding”!
  12. Spell your name using body gestures
  13. What is 1900 in Roman Numerals?
  14. Invent a challenge and do it.
  15. Spell your name while doing push-ups.
  16. Explain the awful truth about nipples.
  17. Take off your socks off and wear them inside out.
  18. Drink a glass of water and sing while doing it.
  19. Name 5 countries in the EU.
  20. Put on a jacket and button it up.
  21. Do a rap session in 7 seconds.
  22. Invent a new word and define it.
  23. Take a beautiful picture while standing on your head.
  24. Repeat “She sells sea shells on the sea shore’ with no mistakes.
  25. Make a total stranger laugh.
  26. Write down your name backwards.
  27. Do a perfect handstand with no help.
  28. Do 10 standard pushups.
  29. Name all the known planets.
  30. Name 5 past US presidents.
  31. Name 5 Marvel Movies.
  32. Make 5 animal sounds.
  33. Name all the chess pieces
  34. Mention five cities outside your continent



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